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@christopherkapic Thanks for making me aware of writefreely, its pretty nice.

I customized mine to fit my synthwave theme :peepoHappy:

We got a few things from Hobby Lobby and my wife made this for the bathroom :feuryPog:

πŸ“¦ Just released, πŸ§‹ Bubble Tea 0.13.0

This release adds headless support, allowing Bubble Tea apps to double as daemons (or whatever else you'd like, really).

There are a bunch of other nice updates, too. For details see the release notes:

My wife @bonecloset made me some kawaii emotes for my youtube channel. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE

πŸŽ‰ Owncast 0.0.6, an open-source live video streaming service is out!

Biggest changes:

- completely configure and manage your settings via the admin interface

- build your own integrations, bots, tools and customizations on top of Owncast with the 3rd party APIs

Also check out the new website:

Don't forget to drop by at 7PM EST for my live discussion and code review with a senior developer -

Tomorrow at 7PM EST, I will be chatting with a senior developer and reviewing this first project, stop by and enjoy the conversation!

I just released my new game, Daedalus Demise! Check it out on

It's available, of course, on Linux, but also on Windows and Mac OSX. If you play, tell me what's your best score (mine is floor -12) and rate it 5 stars if you liked it πŸ™‚

Could you boost this toot fediverse so that the launch get some exposure? Thanks πŸ˜…

#Gaming #gamingonlinux #linuxgaming #indiegame #indiegamedev #MadeWithGodot #GodotEngine

Synapse is up and running thanks to that super nice ansible playbook from

I setup a community here -

Feel free to join

@timkrief If you're interested in automating video editing to an extent, I've done some videos on that using mostly and a little .

Interesting little fact I found out about recently.

Invoking a method on a nil pointer does NOT cause a panic if the method never actually dereferences the pointer.

Since doesn't have a way to search posts, I created a pinned post that just has all the hashtags I've used.

As of this morning the main channel has passed 19k on #Odysee and the podcast channel has passed 15k, I'm constantly impressed by how quickly this platform is growing. #LBRY

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